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Immigration Reform: Elusive and Uncertain

By: Joey Spesia Despite President Obama’s promise to take immigration reform into his own hands by the end of summer, White House Officials announced on September 6th, 2014 that any executive action taken by the President would come sometime after the midterm elections in November and before the end of … Continue reading

Immigration Policy Poised for Change

By Joey Spesia On June 30, 2014 President Obama outlined his plan to take Immigration Reform into his own hands during his speech from the White House. The President opened by stating that “[o]ne year ago this month, senators of both parties – with support from the business, labor, law … Continue reading

H1B Educational Requirements for Masters Cap

INTRODUCTION In the past year, many H-1B petitions have received denials based on the university at which the Beneficiary earned their U.S Master’s degree. In order to file under the U.S Master’s Cap Quota, a Beneficiary’s degree must meet the statutory education requirements. These requirements, while well established, can cause … Continue reading