New Rules for Correction of I-90 (Green Card) Info

Effective Sept. 8, 2005, these rules apply to errors that occurred during the processing of I-90 (Green Card) at USCIS’s end.

Applicants affected by those errors can now follow a new set of procedures to get their documents accurately issued. There are two categories of applicant who may benefit from the rules:
1) Those who have not received their cards (Reason “b”), and

2) those who received cards with incorrect information (Reason “d”). If you have not received your card (Reason “b”), mail your I-90 application together with supporting documents to a USCIS Service Center or the National Benefits Center (NBC). Also, make sure to send your I-797 (Notice of Action) issued for the case. No application fees are required. However, applicants who changed their place of residence or sent incorrect address must file I-90 following the regular procedure with fees including biometric fees. If you received a card with incorrect information (Reason “d”), send your I-90 application with supporting documents to a USCIS Service Center or National Benefits Center (NBC). You are also required to send the I-551 card with incorrect information together with documents that confirm the correct information you wish to be entered. No fees are required. Your request will only be rejected if the information you provided is the same as the “incorrect” version. You must follow the regular procedure when the error occurred as a result of your own inattention. Note: Reason “b” and “d” applicants who filed I-90 with fees on or after May 31, 2005 can claim refund if the error occurred at the USCIS and their cases will be forwarded to relevant Service Centers