Immigration Bill Voted Off by US Senate

President Bush’s Immigration Reform Bill failed to clear the senate the second, falling short of 14 votes from the 60 needed to push the bill towards a final vote.  Around 33 Democrats, 12 Republicans and one independent voted for the bill, while 37 senators of Bush’s own Republican Party along with 15 Democrats and one independent voted against it. There is no chance of the Bill surfacing before the next Presidential election in November 2008. The only silver lining is that five out of the six senators running for President had supported the bill.

The Immigration Bill, a last effort by the out going President Bush had suggested a combination of tough border security measures and stringent workplace law to clean up the US immigration system, which has allowed around 2 million illegal immigrants to work in the country. The Bill also made provisions of legalizing these illegal aliens and turning them into a viable work force – a suggestion which was met with severe opposition.

The Bill also received support for ideas like a merit-based system for immigrants, a new work visa etc. However, a combination factors which included the President’s waning popularity along with pressure from various vote banks had influenced the decision that led to the Bill getting voted off.