No more Prepaid Mailers- says USCIS

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have advised the public that as of July 30, 2007, USCIS’ Service Centers will discontinue the use of “prepaid mailers” for notices and documents for most services. A prepaid mailer is a self-addressed envelope, where postage is paid by the addressee. USCIS have used these mailers in the past for mailing documents and notices to petitioners/applicants or their authorized representative.

USCIS will no longer accept prepaid mailers or envelopes from any courier service for the purpose of mailing any document, other than for Refugee Travel documents and Reentry Permits.

For example, USCIS will not use mailers for:

• Notice of Action (Form I-797)

• Requests for Evidence

• Notices of Intent to Deny

• Decisions (approvals or denials)

• Advance Parole Documents

These documents will be from now on sent through regular mail via the United States Postal Service. The USCIS cited the reason that prepaid mailers slow down the adjudication processes as they requiring special treatment and get delayed due to incorrect charges or account numbers.

Any prepaid mailer other than for Refugee Travel documents and Reentry Permits, received at a Service Center after July 30, 2007 will not be used.

USCIS will continue to accept “prepaid mailers” for Refugee Travel documents and Reentry Permits given their high rate of expedited handling. The prepaid mailers must meet the following criteria: Express and Priority mail (including Fed Ex, DHL, or UPS) with appropriate postage with prepaid shipping label on the package already paid by person who sends it, e.g., Fed Ex “Expanded Billable Stamp”, or DHS “Easy Return Label”, among others. These Prepaid mailers however are not required. The USCIS is willing to send these documents through post if no mailer is sent along with.

(Source: USCIS)