More Skilled Workers Needed, says Governors

In a letter to the leaders of US congress and Senate, the governors of 13 US states has requested for an increase in the H1B quota. The letter, dated September 11, 2007, has given a great boost to the pro-immigration lobby. In the letter, the governors have impressed upon the critical shortage of skilled workers and professionals and the problem of illegal immigrants, while acknowledging that “foreign talent has vital role to play”. The letter strongly urges that the Congress must allot more H1B and other skilled worker visa numbers than the current quota.

Currently, the US allows 65,000 H1-B visa’s while in 2007, the demand exceeded 150,000 visas. Both corporate America as well as senators have been supporting the general public in their demand for increasing the H1B quota. We hope this letters, from the Governors of Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming will finally convince the officials at leadership levels.