EU gears up to steal skilled immigrants

If US do not overhaul its Immigration Laws soon, it might find a considerable chunk of skilled and educated immigrants shifting towards the European Unions. In a definite bid to draw foreign workers,

The EU has adjusted its immigrations laws to allow for a temporary renewable two-year visa. Called the “Blue Card” proposal, the amendment proposed this October has shown the EU in a more favorable light to MNCs currently struggling to navigate through the US Immigration system and H1B quota. The Union is also setting up a streamlined application process to attract qualified workers into short-term high skill jobs. The Blue Card proposal is still pending approval by member countries.

Currently, the United States has the H1B visa, a three-year temporary visa that can be renewed for three more years, for this level of workers. This category has an annual limit that is far surpassed by the demand. However, the H1B is also a gateway to the “Green Card” program, which gifts the worker permanent citizenship of the country.

While the EU may not dangle such attractive baits, the simple logistics of high demand will very likely make the “Blue Card” program a success. Moreover, a large number of foreign students in US are beginning to consider the EU for specialized research and scientific projects. America’s loss may become Europe’s gain, unless US takes proactive steps towards opening more doors and streamlining its current visa processing system.