ImmiLETTER Vol. III – Issue 1: January 1, 2008

July Approved LCs set to expire January 12th
Have you filed I-140 yet?
We would like to remind our readers that all Labor Certifications (LCs) approved on or before July 16th 2007 will expire on Jan 12, 2008.

If our readers remember, in May 2007 the Amendments to Labor Certification rules were published which went into effect on July 16th 2007. Consequently, all LCs approved on or before July 16th was subjected to a 180-days expiry period, which makes January 12th 2008 the last day.

H1B Quota Crisis Leading to L1 Abuse
Are we bringing our number one alternative to H1B under political scanner?
Faced with the hit-and-miss story of H1B quota, companies are using L1 as a way around, and indirectly bringing it under the scanner of anti-immigration lobby.
EU gears up to steal skilled immigrants
Proposes “Blue Card” Program
In a definite bid to draw foreign workers, the EU has adjusted its immigrations laws to allow for a temporary renewable two-year visa.

Called the “Blue Card” proposal, the amendment proposed this October has shown the EU in a more favorable light to MNCs currently struggling to navigate through the US Immigration system and H1B quota. The Union is also setting up a streamlined application process to attract qualified workers into short-term high skill jobs. The Blue Card proposal is still pending approval by member countries.

  • 31% fee hike on US non-immigrant visa
  • New Form I-9 Submission deadline Dec. 26
  • File Form- I-130 with Chicago Lockbox
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