E-Verify program upgraded

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have recently updated its E-Verify employment authorization program to increasing its overall effectiveness. This is the first of a three-phase enhancement program for E- Verify aimed at decreasing the mismatch rate for naturalized citizens.

Mismatch occurs when Social Security Number provided by a beneficiary doesn’t match with the data available with USCIS. Mismatch often happens because the beneficiary does not upgrade information such as change of name etc with the USCIS. This can lead to denial of petition for a beneficiary.

Therefore, E-Verify system will include naturalization data now to enable instant confirmation of citizenship status of naturalized U.S. citizens hired by E-Verify employers. E-Verify also will now include real time arrival data from the Integrated Border Inspection System. This additional data source will reduce the number of immigration status related mismatches for newly arriving workers who have entered the country legally.

In future, E Verify will have citizenship status records information sharing with SSA to improve efficiency and avoid non-confirmation. In addition, E-Verify will soon be updated with passport records from the Department of State.