ImmiLetter Vol. III – Issue 5: May 2, 2008

Republican Bill to Make Room for More Immigrant Visas!
Proposes to Replace DV Lottery with Visa for Advanced Degree Holders
While attempts have been made to terminate the Diversity Lottery or Green Card Lottery program before, none of them had put forward such a desirable replacement program of Immigrant Visa for Advanced Degree holders.

The Bill proposes to replace the diversity visa lottery program with a new program that will use the DV visa quota for issuing visas to aliens with an advanced degree. This proposal is already garnering favorable public reaction, as US is currently focusing on inviting and retaining advance degree holders in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathemtics (STEM).

I-140 Backlogs Spelling Trouble for Immigrants
As our regular readers will know, we had recently reported that the Naturalization Backlog will not clear before 2010. As detailed in the article, by the end of FY2007, there was more then 140,000 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (FORM I-140) petitions awaiting their fate. In the meantime, such long delay in approval of I-140 means huge problems for immigrants in the system, as it effects several other processes.
Need to Employ Registered Nurses? Try the H-1C Visa
Not many employers are aware that the US offers a separate temporary work visa category for Registered Nurses – the H1-C Visa. For employers, H1-C is a more immediate relief then the Schedule A category which often has long waiting lists.

The H1-C program was established by the Nursing Relief for Disadvantaged Areas Act of 1999 and came into effect in 2000. and was set to expire in 2005. However, it has been extended till December 20, 2009, as US continues to face severe shortage of nursing staff.

  • Republican Ask For More H1-B Visa
  • May 2008 Visa Bulletin: EB Categories Show Forward Movement!
  • DOL releases Final Rule on E-3 Visa LCA Requirements
  • Highlights of Interim Final Rule on OPT Extension
  • USCIS releases F1 OPT Extension Q&A
  • OPT Extended For Highly Skilled Foreign Students
  • H1B Random Selection Completed on April 14
  • 163,000 Apply For FY 2009 H-1B Before Cap Closed
  • FY 2009 H-1B Cap Reached Within 5-Day Deadline
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