New Nursing Visa Act proposed

The legislations in place currently to facilitate immigration of nurses to US have not been able to cover the shortage of nurses in the country. Recently, a new the Bill, HR 5924 or the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act was introduced to the house.

This bill proposes to

  1. Increase Nurses Visa numbers by remove nurses altogether from other green card caps until 2011 and make provisions for allowing 20,000 registered nurse and physical therapist applicants to enter the US per year.
  2. Speed up the adjudication by directing USCIS to process the 1-140 petitions within 30 days of submission.
  3. Increase the fee to a whopping $1500 per nurse to support education programs.
  4. This fee will be waived either if the employer is located in a place which had received disaster relief help in the recent past or if the employer is designated Health Professional Shortage Area facility.
  5. Dependents will not pay any fees as long as they are not registered nurses themselves.