ImmiLetter Vol. III – Issue 6: June 2, 2008

Proposed Rule to Re-engineer H-2B Process
Changes proposed to temporary Labor Certification Process
The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) has published its advance copy of a proposed rule modifying the existing H2B process, specifically the Temporary Labor Certification process. The proposed rule will re-engineer the H2B filing and review into a centralized process.

Among other things, the rule proposes to enable employers to conduct pre-filing U.S. worker recruitment activities. Additionally, the rule also proposes introduction of post-adjudication audits and penalization of employers to enhance the integrity of the process.

House Passes Conrad 30 Extension
Senate will have the final say
Past few months have seen the House being plied with proposed legislations and a majority of them are stewing in the freezer.

Fortunately, it seems the Bills that are urgent in their context are being pushed forward. One such example is the legislation H.R. 5571, which proposes to extend the Conrad State 30 (J1 Waiver) program for another five years, was passed by the House on May 21st 2008.

The current bill is set to expire on June 1, 2008. This program allows US states to obtain a J-1 visa waiver of the two years residency requirement, to directly hire up to 30 foreign physicians annually to practice in medically underserved areas. Each doctor is allowed tenure of 3 years.

  • USCIS Backlog Update
  • June 2008 Visa Bulletin: EB-3 Nears Quota, Retrogression in July!
  • New Nursing Visa Act Proposed
  • E-Verify Program Upgraded
  • USCIS Proposes Three Year TN Visa For Canadian Or Mexican Professionals
  • Two Bills Introduced Concerning Employment & Family Based Visa Numbers
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