Are you ready for the new naturalization test?

America’s new Naturalization Test comes into effect on October 1, 2008. The redesigned test was first introduced on September 27, 2007 to help the new applicants get familiarized with the test.

Do You Need to Take the New Test?

Not every one needs to sit for the new test on October 1st. There guidelines for who needs to take which test are as below:

  1. If you have applied already or planning to apply before October 1st and have your naturalization interview scheduled before October 1, 2008 as well, you will take the current test.
  2. If you have applied already or planning to apply before October 1st but are scheduled a naturalization interview date that falls AFTER October 1, 2008, you have the option to take either the current test or the new test.
  3. If you apply after October 1, 2008, you will take the new test.
  4. Regardless of when you apply, if the nationalization interview is scheduled AFTER October 1, 2009, you will definitely have to take the new test.

What’s New?

The current test consists of mainly two subjects – Civics & Written English Test. The new Test will have a few added components making it as below:

  1. History & Government Test
  2. Reading Vocabulary Test
  3. Writing Vocabulary Test

In the new test, questions will deal with the American Constitution, Law, Politics, History as well as the Rights and Responsibilities of citizens. Many questions will also be phrased to allow for a range of answers e.g. mention one of the rights to give the applicant a fair chance.

Test Procedures

Writing tests will be conducted by USCIS Officers who will dictate to the applicant (sentences and words will be from the standardized test). Applicants will have to write at least one out of three sentences correctly on a form with blank lines.

Reading test will be conducted by USCIS Officers who will ask the will use sentence(s) that appear on one of the standardized test forms and will ask the applicant to read the sentence(s), which are constructed from words included on the English reading vocabulary list. The applicant must read 1 sentence out of 3 correctly (same as the current test).

Information of the Redesigned Test:
•    FAQ
•    Scoring Guidelines for English Test