H-1B Fraud Report indicates high incidents of fraud!

A report released earlier this month by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has revealed that the agency has detected “technical violations” in % of reviewed cases. These violations include forged documents, fake degrees, and front companies. The Federal Government is now seriously considering making changes to H-1B application process.

The report (download PDF) on fraud reviewed 246 H-1B applications. It was released by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, a known critic of H1-B program, along with Democratic Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

The investigation into these cases also revealed additional information like discrepancy in wages being paid, employees being benched or working in positions different from their intended role.

The H1-B process has been under scrutiny lately as the category has been receiving an overwhelming number of applications in the last few years. While the demand is genuinely high, adding a sizeable number of fraudulent applications to that can only mean slimmer chance for genuine applicants.

USCIS has indicated that it is already considering a number of reforms, including improving the data verification process, implementing a risk assessment program and introducing more “evidentiary requirements” etc.