US consulate to use new DS-160 visa applications in India

Non-immigration visa seekers for United States will have to fill out just one form (DS-160) instead of the three forms, starting from 19th January 2010. The web-based Non-Immigration Visa (NIV) application will incorporate all the existing NIV applications into one interactive online form. This means that for all NIV visa appointments beginning February 1, applicants will be required to fill out DS-160 form.

The DS-160 form will replace NIV forms DS-156, DS-157, DS-158, DS-156E and DS-156K. With the new form, the applicant will be required to upload a visa photograph, according to the required specifications and submit the form via the Internet. The completed application form will then generate a barcode, which should be printed using a laser printer only, officials advised. The final confirmation page with this barcode should be then carried for the interview. Apart from the changed form, the remaining procedure is the same. Applicants have to continue to use VFS to schedule appointments and HDFC to pay fees.

The form is already in use in eight countries and plans are on to introduce it world-wide by April 2010. The form can be found at ‘’; ‘’; VFS website and ‘’.

Visit this URL for frequently asked questions (FAQ) on DS-160 online form.