Secure Communities

Secure Communities is a government program instituted by the Department of Homeland Security that encourages interaction between state and local authorities, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in order to increase the efficacy of immigration enforcement and dedicate the highest priority to criminal aliens who pose the largest threat to public safety. DHS hopes that the program will optimize ICE’s use of the limited funds appropriated each year for immigration purposes. Continue reading

How to Replace a Lost Reentry Permit

In the event that an LPR misplaces his or her reentry permit while inside the United States, (s)he should file a Form I-131 to replace it. If the LPR is outside the U.S. at the time the document is lost, (s)he should try to return before the one year anniversary of his or her departure. If this is not an option, (s)he must file a DS-117 to apply for a returning resident visa. Continue reading