Priority Date Projections: EB2 Retrogression Expected

On March 16th, the Department of States’ Chief of Visa Control and Reporting, Charlie Oppenheim,  informed guests of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago that he expected Employment-Based Second Preference priority dates to retrogress for immigrants born in India and mainland China. The Department of State’s April 2012 Visa Bulletin lists EB2 priority dates for these countries as current through May 1, 2010. Mr. Oppenheim stated, however, that he anticipates that date to retrogress to around August 2007. Retrogression will likely come into effect in May or June of 2012.

Mr. Oppenheim also projected full use of all available visas in the EB1 category for the fiscal year 2012, which would mean no “spilldown” effect for the EB2 category.