Update: EB2 Priority Date Retrogression

The Department of States’ Chief of Visa Control and Reporting, Charlie Oppenheim, has released an updated statement to the American Immigration Lawyers Association regarding Employment-Based Second Preference priority dates. Mr. Oppenheim has confirmed that the Department of State’s May 2012 Visa Bulletin will reflect retrogression of EB2 priority dates for India and mainland China to August 15, 2007. USCIS will continue to “preadjudicate” cases submitted through April and will place these cases on hold until visa numbers become available again. Such cases will be marked as status “pending.”

The priority date process can be confusing and frustrating at times. Dates retrogress when the demand for immigrant visas from certain countries is very high. The Department of State retrogresses priority dates in high demand areas in order to ensure availability to a wide variety of people. Once the demand for immigrant visas in this category levels, the dates will again begin to move forward.

11 thoughts on “Update: EB2 Priority Date Retrogression

  1. Hello
    Thanks for the update. My priority date is dec 2008, I filed my 485 during Jan 2012. I have received my EAD few days back. The question is what will happen to my GC when the PD is retrogress to Aug 2007. My GC will be processed only when the cut-off date comes back to my PD? or my application processing will continue?

  2. Hello,

    My priority date is April 2012, I filed my I-485 by the end of March 2012. Do you think i will receive my EAD or will it be postponed too?

  3. Name, even if it is EB1, you cant file PERM, I140 and 485 in a single day (that too on Sunday) and there is no provision for concurrent PERM and I140 filing. :)

  4. My PD is April 2004 through EB 3 category .
    After that I filed again through EB 2 , my I 140 is approved so I have to send the interfiling letter using PD april 2004 . What is my chance to get GC this year .