H-1B Cap Update

As of May 25, 2012, USCIS reported having received 48,400 cap eligible H-1B petitions, as well as 17,500 Masters degree exemption eligible petitions for the fiscal year 2013. USCIS will continue to accept such petitions until the cap is reached (65,000 H-1B cap and 20,000 Masters exemption). For more information, … Continue reading

Delays in I-129 Receipt Notices

USCIS has released a statement acknowledging prolonged wait times for H-1B receipts. ”Due to the high number of I-129 petitions filed with USCIS recently, customers will experience a longer than usual period of time to receive their receipt notice from USCIS,” an official told the American Immigration Lawyers Association. USCIS expects … Continue reading

Update: FY2013 H1B Cap Count Continues

USCIS has updated the count of cap eligible petitions for H-1B visas in the 2013 fiscal year. As of May 11, USCIS had received 36,700 out of 65,000 cap eligible petitions. USCIS also reported that it had received 14,800 petitions eligible for the Master’s cap exemption of 20,000 visas. For … Continue reading

June 2012 Visa Bulletin: EB2 Category Unavailable

The U.S. Department of States has officially released its June 2012 Visa Bulletin. As projected, visa numbers in the EB2 category from India and Mainland China have become unavailable. The designation “unavailable” indicates that no visas will be issued to applicants holding EB2 priority dates until such time as new … Continue reading

Affidavits of Experience for I-140 Beneficiaries

The samples below demonstrate the kind of information that USCIS expects to see in a letter attesting to the experience of a candidate for an I-140. The statements below are merely samples. Every sworn affidavit should  reflect the specific details of the individual beneficiary’s case, and the deponent’s relationship with … Continue reading