Texas Senator Introduces Bill to Create Visas for STEM Graduates

Republican Senator John Cornyn introduced a bill on the Senate floor Tuesday that would create 55,000 visas for graduates of STEM advanced degree programs with qualifying job offers. The bill would not add to the number of immigrant visas issued each year, but would reallocate the 55,000 visas dedicated to the Diversity Visa Lottery. Supporters of the bill argue that the new program would promote economic growth by encouraging a set of highly educated people to remain in the U.S. The bill would also allow for certain people entering U.S. graduate programs (Masters and Ph.D.) in STEM fields to qualify for “dual-intent.” This would mean that they would be in lawful nonimmigrant status, while also pursuing their permanent residence.

For more information about the proposed legislation, see Senator Cornyn’s official press release, or read the bill here.