H-1B Cap Nears Close

The American Immigration Lawyers Association announced Thursday that, according to their projections, the fiscal year 2013 cap season will likely close by early next week. AILA estimates that the rate of submission so far this season has held at around 1,800 cap-subject petitions submitted each day.  As previously reported, USCIS’ most recent report stated that as of June 1, around 55,600 non-masters, cap-subject petitions had been submitted. If AILA’s estimates are correct, more than 64,000 petitions will have been filed by the end of business Friday. Monday, June 11, will likely be the last day petitions are accepted.

It is important to remember that, as of now, these numbers are merely estimates, but AILA recommends that all  remaining petitions be submitted as early as possible, for delivery no later than Monday. AILA notes that USCIS does accept some number of petitions more than 65,000, to leave room for denials and withdrawals, but it is unclear what that number is. With that in mind, AILA recommends that applicants should be prepared for the cap to end by the close of business on Monday.