USCIS Releases Clarification of Deferred Action Documentation Expectations

On September 14, 2012, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a clarification in regards to the documentation required under the deferred action immigration program. Previously, due to the strict USCIS regulations on deferred action criteria, schools in the United States were being flooded with requests for legal documents. This heavy demand has resulted in many applicants having to wait longer than they anticipated before sending in their paperwork.

Accordingly, USCIS has clarified the expectations, stating that applicants need proof, but not exhaustive proof, of their physical whereabouts to qualify for the program. The new guidelines clarify that applicants should provide as much evidence as possible that they’ve spent the required time in the United States, but they do not have to account for every day of the last five years. Hopefully, these guidelines will ease the anxiety of applicants, while lightening the recently increased burden on U.S. schools and other organizations.

Source: USCIS