USCIS to Begin Requiring In-Person Interviews for All Employment-Based Applicants

Effective October 1, 2017, USCIS will begin requiring an in-person interview for all I-485 applications based on permanent employment. All employment-based I-485 applicants will be required to attend an in-person interview before the I-485 can be approved. This in-person interview requirement will also apply to refugee/asylee relative adjustment applications.


This change in procedure is in response to an executive order issued by President Trump. “This change reflects the administration’s commitment to upholding and strengthening the integrity of our nation’s immigration system,” said acting USCIS Director James W. McCament. “USCIS and our federal partners are working collaboratively to develop more robust screening and vetting procedures for individuals seeking immigration benefits to reside in the United States.”


Some uncertainties remain regarding the implementation of this new policy. For instance, USCIS has not clarified whether derivative family members in employment-based cases will be required to attend in-person interviews as well. Further, USCIS has not explained how USCIS plans to handle this increase in its caseload, with limited resources available to conduct interviews and already lengthy processing times.


We will update our clients as we learn more about this new development, so please check back for updates.


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