Update: Congress Passes Omnibus Bill

On Friday, Congress passed the omnibus bill, which will now go the President for signature.  The House moved first, passing the bill on a 316-113 vote. The Senate has now followed, clearing the legislation with a vote of 65-33. As we posted earlier, the omnibus bill includes a provision to … Continue reading

Recent BALCA Holdings

In a recent decision, BALCA determined that the employer verified sponsorship upon signing the statement certifying the conditions of employment on the mailed-in application and that the subsequent denial due to failed attempts to reach the employer to verify sponsorship was entered in error. The issue before BALCA in Matter … Continue reading

Effect of Expungement and Vacated Convictions in the Immigration Context

A criminal conviction, in general, carries obvious negative consequences. However, in the immigration context, a criminal conviction can result in even further consequences. For instance, a criminal conviction can result in removability, inadmissibility, or ineligibility for relief.  Because a criminal conviction carries such heavy consequences in the immigration context, questions … Continue reading