How to apply?

Every military installation should have a designated point-of-contact to handle your application and certify your Request for certification of Military or Naval Service (N-426). You should inquire through your chain of command to find out who this person is, so they can help you with your application packet.

Your point-of-contact will send your N-400, G325B, and certified N-426 to:

The Nebraska Service Center
PO Box 87426
Lincoln, NE 68501-7426

The Service Center will review your application and conduct security checks. Then, they will send your application to the district office closest to your location. If you have a preference as to where you would like to be interviewed, you can provide that information in a cover letter attached to your naturalization packet. The district office will set a date to interview you and test your knowledge of English and Civics. If granted, USCIS will inform you of the date you can take your oath of allegiance.

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