Dependent Visas

Visas for your dependents

F-2 dependent visa

The spouse and/or dependent children of an F-1 student must meet certain requirements to enter US along with or join later as listed below:

  • They must have a valid passport.
  • They must prove that they have sufficient funds to meet all their expenses while in the Unites States.
  • They must agree to depart the United States upon the termination of the foreign student’s F-1 Visa.

J-2 dependent visa

  • Your spouse and minor children may apply;
  • They must present your form IAP-6 as well as other basic documentation;
  • They must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support themselves while in the United States.
Employment on J-2 status

Your J-2 dependents may work in the United States for either the duration of your J-1 or four years – whichever is shorter. Application for work authorization may be made by using the form I-765 and submitting the appropriate fees. The J-2′s income should not be used to support J-1.

M-2 dependent visa

There is no requirement for a spouse or children of an M-1 visa holder to apply for an F 1 visa if they wish to study in US. They may study on M-2 Visa. If they are qualified they can apply for F-1 visa. The holder of an M-2 visa may not work. If s/he is seeking employment, the required work visa is needed.