Affidavits of Experience for I-140 Beneficiaries

The samples below demonstrate the kind of information that USCIS expects to see in a letter attesting to the experience of a candidate for an I-140. The statements below are merely samples. Every sworn affidavit should  reflect the specific details of the individual beneficiary’s case, and the deponent’s relationship with … Continue reading

Update: EB2 Priority Date Retrogression

The Department of States’ Chief of Visa Control and Reporting, Charlie Oppenheim, has released an updated statement to the American Immigration Lawyers Association regarding Employment-Based Second Preference priority dates. Mr. Oppenheim has confirmed that the Department of State’s May 2012 Visa Bulletin will reflect retrogression of EB2 priority dates for … Continue reading

Priority Date Projections: EB2 Retrogression Expected

On March 16th, the Department of States’ Chief of Visa Control and Reporting, Charlie Oppenheim,  informed guests of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago that he expected Employment-Based Second Preference priority dates to retrogress for immigrants born in India and mainland China. The Department of State’s … Continue reading

Reusing an Approved Labor Certification When Refiling Subsequent to I-140 Denial

When filing an I-140 petition subsequent to the denial of a previously filed petition, the same labor certification may be used even if it has expired, provided that it was not expired at the time the original petition was filed and it was not invalidated for reasons of fraud or misrepresentation. Should a petitioner require a new copy of a labor certification, (s)he can request a duplicate copy from the Certifying Officer, with proof that a visa application or petition has been appropriately filed. Continue reading

USCIS Backlog Update

USCIS Backlog as on March 31, 2008 Naturalization Applications  – 958,663 I-140 Applications             – 46,092 I-485 Applications             – 762,938 I-765 Applications             – 158,565 I-130 Applications             – 1,387,045 For more details see USCIS Website

New Nursing Visa Act proposed

The legislations in place currently to facilitate immigration of nurses to US have not been able to cover the shortage of nurses in the country. Recently, a new the Bill, HR 5924 or the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act was introduced to the house. This bill proposes to Increase Nurses … Continue reading